Welcome to Rodmakers of Chile

You have an Open Invitation!

YES! You’re invited to visit us in our custom rod shop whenever you find yourself in Santiago. We’re not a traditional retail store but WE ARE here during regular business hours. Please contact us before you come; we wouldn’t want to miss you!

How else can you see or cast these fine custom rods? We hold events occasionally but why wait? Stop in any time just to see, or take a 7 minute walk with us to a freshwater lagoon for some casting.


What can we do for you? 

DESIGNING & BUILDING rods is our specialty. With as much or as little input from you as you prefer we can build you the finest, most unique, and highest performing rod you’ve ever owned. We don’t just assemble pieces but we hand craft them to perfectly match your preferences, your target fish species, and you overall style. Look at some of our featured rods in our menu to get an idea of what you might want us to build for you.


TEACHING rod building is something we really enjoy doing. We offer the opportunity for you to build your own rod using our workshop and instruction from our rod makers. Fly rods are our passion but check out how we build a casting rod.


REPAIRS are a necessity for every angler at one time or another. We can get your fishing rod back in action if the damage is not too severe. Send us a message about your rod repair needs and we will provide a solution.


MODIFICATIONS are popular at our shop. That’s why we’re dedicating a page to it! We can remove or add a fighting but to your fly rod, lengthen or shorten a spinning rod handle, or just replace the first guide on your rod with a larger one.


PERSONALIZING is like modifying, just more specific to you! If you’re a fishing professional, fishing lodge manager, or fishing guide; you should have your name or business logo on your rods. These can be hand written or printed professionally.  See photos and prices.


Read more about us and custom rods in our Blog or our Custom Fishing Rods page!