Custom Fishing Rods

What is a custom rod?

Why buy/own a custom rod?

The Components

Cork Handles & Butts

Thread Color & Type

Reel Seat


Graphite or Glass blanks

Frequently Asked Questions (updating 7/12/2016)

What kind of repairs can Rodmakers of Chile do?

Do custom rods have the same warranty as factory rods?

What if I break my custom rod? We can do any repair in our Santiago shop except for a graphite/glass rod blank fracture or break. We can rebuild or repair reel seats, guides, handles, and thread wraps. If you’re rod does experience a blank fracture or break, we will assist by shipping the rod back to the manufacturer for warranty replacement. Then, we’ll use our freight forwarder in Miami to get your rod back to our Santiago shop for the rebuild of the replaced section. (Warrant policy and information)

What’s so special about a custom rod? First, is the uniqueness and beauty. Each is a sculpted, brushed, hand-crafted work of art made to your specifications. There will be no other like it. Second, long lasting performance. Our rods experience fewer failures just because they are built better and with better materials. Third, Whether it’s made with native Chilean wood or is inscribed with a name on it, our fine crafted rods hold greater meaning when handed down a generation or given as gift.

What brands of graphite or glass can I have built custom? We have an excellent bundle of brands that we’ve hand selected to meet all needs, but if you desire something else then we will seek out that blank and make your vision a reality. Here is a list of our rod blanks available.

Is a custom rod better than factory built rod? Yes! Would you believe customers send us new rods for us to make improvements on? As a rod repair shop, we see failures in all price levels of rods- Yes, even the big name brands. Craftsmanship and personalization is what you’ll get 100% from our custom rods. To make this point clearer, check out the Pro’s and Con’s below!

Is a custom rod more or less expensive than the factory version? It depends… We gather the best components to build greatest fishing rods around. Sometimes that process involves using componentes that we have ready to go and other times we have to make things special for a specific rod. Also, the price which we’re able to procure rod blanks and import them into Chile plays a big part of the overall cost of a custom rod, but not all custom rod follow the same

Benefits (Pros) of a Custom Rods

Draws (Cons) of a Custom Rod