Guarantee and Warranty Information

Our Guarantee

We’re passionate about each rod that we give life to, and we take great pride in the quality of our products. This is why we firmly stand by our claim of having the highest customer service and best workmanship quality standards in the country. Our Custom rods and other products are guaranteed to give %100 satisfaction in every possible way. Though our policy does not cover general wear or damage caused by accident, misuse, or abuse; we stand behind our quality of work and will repair or replace the product generously yet at our discretion.

We do not repair severe breaks, fractures, cracks, or similar damage to graphite or fiberglass rod blanks. These repairs or replacements are handled by the manufacturer of your rod if it is under warranty. This normally involves sending the damaged rod back to the manufacturer and paying a handling fee. We do however repair and replace rod components such as guides, handles, butts, and reel seats. For these kinds of repairs we can save you a significant amount of money as opposed to sending the rod back to the manufacturer in the US.


Our service of repairing rods do not not negatively affect the original warranty of your product (the rod in question) unless the repair or modification changes the originally intended use or the design of the rod. For example, adding a fore grip above the casting handle, or and adding an extended fighting butt or rear handle may void your original warranty because we have change the specific points on the rod where the it is designed to withstand pressure from bending under load as it was designed to. Simple repairs such as replacing a reel seat, handle, or guides will not void your warranty.

All of the blanks we use are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty as follows:

R.L. Winston Fly Rods

The Winston Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee covers every new Winston boron/graphite and graphite fly rod and blank against breakage or manufacturer’s defects. This Warranty is available only to the original owner of products purchased from an authorized Winston Dealer. This warrant covers, at Winston’s option, the repair of the original rod or the replacement of the rod with an equivalent rod only. To qualify for this warranty, the original owner must either send Winston a completed warranty card or register the Winston rod online. Warranty cards can be scanned and emailed to The warranty does not cover lost rods, lost rod sections, intentional breakage, misuse, neglect, cosmetic wear or scratches. Warranty coverage for Winston blanks is limited to the blank only. The serial number for every Winston can be found in the script closest to the cork on the rod.

For all Winston rod blank warranty work the entire rod must be returned to Winston, which includes a $50 handling fee. Within the United States repairs take from 4 to 6 weeks. We at Rodmakers of Chile will assist any and all of our custom-Winston-fly-rod customers with this process, including handling the transfer of funds for the repair and the freight logistics to and from the US, and back to our shop in Santiago.

Temple Fork Outfitters Fly Rods

The TFO No-fault warranty is for the life of the original owner. Fill out the TFO No-fault fly rod warranty registration form or return the registration card you receive with your purchase to activate your warranty. To use your warranty you will need to send the entire rod to the TFO repair center in Dallas, Texas. Once it arrives, TFO will re-fit a new section to your rod and inspect the remainder for any additional damage or wear.

TFO has the best warranty program of all our rod blank manufacturers. For rod blank repair TFO require that the entire rod be sent to Dallas, Texas with a cheque (handling fee) for $35.00 USD. We at Rodmakers of Chile will assist any and all of our custom-TFO-fly-rod customers with this process, including handling the transfer of funds for the repair and the freight logistics to and from the US, and back to our shop in Santiago.

Seele Fiberglass Fly Rods (McFarland Rods)

Seele fly rods and blanks are under warranty to the registered original owner for life. This warranty covers any failure due to defects in material and/or workmanship.

Accidents or misuse are not covered under this warranty. If accident or misuse results in a broken section, Seele Fly Rods will repair or replace the part for a nominal fee. There is a $50 service charge for all rods. As of April 30 2016 The McFarland Rod Company will be honoring all Seele rods.

Andes graphite & fiberglass Fly and Spinning Rods

Andes fly and spinning rod blanks are a product of Axiom North America; which is part owned and operated by St. Croix of Park Falls, LTD. [St. Croix Rods] All graphite fly and spinning rod blanks are covered under a limited lifetime warranty for the life of the original owner. Any claims against the quality and integrity of the workmanship of the graphite rod blanks will be handled through your dealer, Rodmakers of Chile. The workmanship put into completing the rod into a functional tool like the handle, reel seat, and guides, will fall under the guarantee offered by Rodmakers of Chile (above).