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Fishing Rod Repair, Santiago Chile

Fishing rod repair, Santiago Chile

If you’re searching for fishing rod repair near Santiago you’ve come to the right place. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for in this post then please visit our rod repair page Guide Replacement & General Repairs or contact us at our shop near Park O’Higgins. We will put you on the right track to getting your rod back in action.

We repair and replace all hardware that is built on the original rod blank. This includes butt caps, fighting butts, reel seats, cork handles, winding checks, hook keeps, thread wraps, guides, tip tops, and clear coat finish. Our fishing rod repair pricing depends on the price of the components used and our labor hours to get the repair done. You might be surprised how quick and affordable we can be. We also put the same quality towards repairs as we do all our custom fishing rods.

One thing that we can’t always fix is broken or damaged graphite or fiberglass, like the rods in the photograph above. With rod blank damages we recommend researching the manufacturer of your fishing rod in order to learn the details of their warranty program. What will the total cost be? What is the expected return time? If you would like a second opinion or for us to handle your warranty claim, then contact us or visit us for an estimate. This may even be an opportunity for you to get involved in rod building and learn some basic rod repair.

Did you know that you can remove most tip top guides with the heat from a cigaret lighter? If you break a few centimeters off of your tip during a fishing trip, then try this. Heat the tip top guide with a lighter, take it off of the short broken piece of rod and stick it on the other broke end of your rod- while the guide is still hot. There should be enough adhesive in the tip top guide barrel to secure it for the rest of your fishing trip. If not, then use whatever adhesive you have available. We recommend planning ahead and taking an extra tip guide and a small piece of top adhesive; we can provide that for you.

We hope you don’t have any breaks or rod failures in your angling adventures but if you do please let us help. Thanks!