Seele Fiberglass Single hand Fly Rods

“Zeitlos” means timeless. This is what the best traditional fiberglass rods are,timeless, because the modern fly angler has come to realize that there will always be a special place and time for fishing glass rods. Mike McFarland and Mike Mauri of North America have pooled their decades of experience in creating fiberglass rods to give us the Seele brand, a special glass fiber and which is the product of their combined knowledge of taper design and power transition.

We at Rodmakers of Chile took our time selecting what we would consider the best fiberglass rods to offer South America and our customers beyond. The Zeitlos series fiberglass rods exhibit the full medium action and extreme smoothness that we were looking for. The natural color of the fibers with no pigments or dyes fits our style just fine. Like McFarland we use high quality cork, agate guides, and earth tone colors to finish our rods. We love and appreciate the finest traditional custom builds but we also want to offer more choices of reel seats, guides, wraps, and handle styles to match the multitude of angler’s styles as well.

Overall, we think the Zeitlos glass is the best full medium “traditional” action fiberglass rod because of the overall weight which feels lighter that others, it’s super smooth loading and recovery when casting, the power it can produce when greater distance is needed, and the progressive deep bend when leveraging a fish.


*** June 10, 2016 Update: The McFarland Rod Company is absorbing the Seele brand and will honor those warranties. The Seele Zeitlos series will undoubtedly become a rare and special rod to fiberglass enthusiasts. ***



We have the following Seele fiberglass rod blanks available: