R.L. Winston Fly Rods

R.L. Winston fly rods our highest level brand of custom rods that meets the standard of excellence that the most refined and dedicated anglers demand. It’s no myth that every fly rod brand with its technical designs and unique blend of materials has its own “feel”. The Winston feel is derived from their evolution of taper designs, Winston’s ideal performance standards, and the cutting edge boron technology which has given us these two fly rod designs- the Boron III X and the Boron III LS.


We chose these fly rod designs because of their performance  across the spectrum of angling techniques and conditions and for Winston’s brand sustainability as a performance fly rod designer. We’ve witnessed these two fly rod designs remain among the increasingly competitive top tier fly rods of the global market, and though rods built to completion by R.L. Winston have regularly been given a grade of 9 out of 10 we want to offer anglers something a little different, and a little better.


Where thiese rods are not as popular is in their price. Surprisingly, our finished custom BIIIX and BIIILS rods can cost a bit less than the factory made rods (tube accounted for), depending on how far we take the custom theme. Keep in mind the custom Winston rods have a unique handle design and shape made to your liking, stripping guide size and design to your preference, they can sport native Chilean wood in the reel seat, a unique thread color scheme, and display your name or favorite quote.

Information and Reviews

R.L. Winston Boron III X– Probably our favorite all around upper tier fly rod. It performs fast, accurately, and yet smoothly in all line weight sizes.

BIIIX fly rod blanks available

R.L. Winston Boron LS

BIIILS fly rod blanks available