Casting Rod Build Details, Part 3

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Making cookies.

We cut and fit our cork wedges by hand, used a piece of rod blank to support the center, and applied pressure by placing the whole thing in a hose clamp. So, here is the completed 10 piece cookie that is going to be the butt of our rod and handle. We have to bore out the poker-chip side to the diameter of the rod blank butt, only 1/2″ deep though. The rubberized side of the cookie still has the original 1/4″ hole. We need this hole in order to attach the rod to the lathe and then plugged as one of the last steps.

important this this pies goes on correctly

This is the step where I would usually be securing the custom rubber butt cap on the blank. In this case we desire a rubberized cork butt and this particular piece is larger than a standard ring due to the checker design.

Locating the spine for guide placement

Before we permanently attach the cork cookie to the butt of the rod we need to find the spine of the rod. I do this by rolling the rod blank between my palms under enough pressure to cause some deflection of the rod. We are trying to detect what part of the radial axis the rod resists bending. This is the spine. I mark it and position it on top of the radial axis. This is where I will position the reel seat and the guides for a casting rod.